Green Wedding Gown Tips

Green Wedding GownGreen Wedding Gown Tips
Looking for ways to make your wedding gown a little more eco-friendly? Sure you can buy vintage, or have an organic hemp or silk gown made for you, but there's an even simpler way to cut down on waste: choose a dress you will wear again.

The idea of the one-time-only gown is relatively new. Until the early twentieth century, brides chose gowns that they could wear for multiple occasions. Wealthy women would often recycle the wedding gown for fancy dress parties or for their presentation at court, while poorer women would wear their dress for church or, often, as a nicer everyday dress. Dresses were frequently dyed a different color after the wedding, including black if a mourning dress was needed. Bridesmaids dresses worked the same way, and could often be a woman's one new dress for the season or the year.

Today, though, we're all about the throw-away wedding gown, which is environmentally unfriendly for lots of reasons: gown fabrics are often treated with chemicals, to preserve color and appearance, cleaning and storing a wedding gown requires even more chemicals, and the dress often sits in a closet or box without ever being worn again, which is just wasteful.

Instead of choosing a gown that can only be worn on that ONE day, look for something with life beyond the wedding. A lovely silver cocktail dress, for example, is appropriately bridal but can Also go out for dinner or to your holiday party

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Green Wedding Gown
Green Wedding Gown Tips

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