Easy Way to Lacing a Corset Back Wedding Dress

Corset Back Wedding Dress
Easy Way to Lacing a Corset Back Wedding Dress
White wedding dress with sexy v lace up corset back.

Do you love the corset back wedding dresses and formals, but don't like the idea of lacing it up? Corset back dresses don't have a zipper. They have loops and a lacing cord, usually make of the same fabric as the dress. Underneath is a modesty panel, a solid panel that snaps in with clear snaps to hide your back and bra. Wearing the modesty piece is optional, if you have bra cups sewn into the gown, you may not want to wear the piece underneath. The modesty piece may be in two pieces. The lower piece is sewn in on one side and snaps on the other side. This piece covers the hip and low waist area so it hides your behind and the top of your optional crinoline. The top piece snaps in or out. If your gown is strapless, the modesty piece is boned to stay up.

PROS of the corset top dress:
  • If you are between sizes, you can adjust the top to fit your body
  • If your weight fluctuates up or down 5 pounds, you just adjust the lacings.
  • Few bodice alterations are necessary.
Cons of the corset top dress:
  • It is difficult to lace
  • It is difficult to take off the dress
  • It takes time to lace up.
Making it easy!
  • Take two large safety pins and pin them through the ends of the lacing. This will keep the lacing cord sturdy at the end and make it easier to put through the loops. This is a professional secret!
  • Line up the lacings so that they are even.
  • If you are wearing the modesty piece in the gown, have someone snap it inside the gown. if the gown has an inner elastic waist band, attach the band and adjust for comfort and make sure it hits at the waist line. Start lacing the gown at the TOP of the bodice.
  • Have the person wearing the gown put their hands at their waistline and push back toward the lacing, but not enough to distort the fit of the top. This will make the gown stay in place and your waist look smaller. Lace the gown and tighten the laces as you lace it down. Make sure you don't twist the cord and that it lays flat as shown in the photo below. She is wearing the gown with a modesty piece.
  • When you get to the end of the lacing, tie it securely in a bow or a knot. Tie a small bow if you are wearing it outside trailing down the gown. Remove the safety pins from the ends. If you don't want the excess to show, tie it in a knot or using the ends with the safety pins relace it ACROSS both of the last bottom laces and tuck it inside the dress. There is a space in between the lacing and the modesty piece at the bottom where you can tuck it in. Remove the safety pins.
  • Lacing a Corset Back Wedding Dress The Easy Way
  • For a practice trial on the dress buy a couple of yards of upholstery ord, the silky cord available at the fabric store.
  • You may need to put scotch tape on the edges of the cording to keep it from fraying. Put the safety pins in the ends to lace. The smoothness of the upholstery cord will make it easy to lace up for a trial run of the fit. It will save wear and tear on the lacing that matches the dress.
  • There you go, professional tips to making getting into your dress easier and faster!
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Corset Back Wedding Dress
Easy Way to Lacing a Corset Back Wedding Dress

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