5 Ways to Glam Up Your Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding5 Ways to Glam Up Your Winter Wedding
Winter weddings are the perfect time to add a little glamour to your wedding. There is just something about winter that really gives a bride quite a few options for creating a stylish wedding that has more than a touch of elegant glamour.

Here are five ways for the Winter Bride to add a touch of glamour to your wedding.

Winter Wedding Glamour Tip #1: Add Some Fur
Ok, yes, faux fur is perfectly fine! There are not too many occasion many of us have a formal function that would fit wearing fur, but a wedding is a great opportunity to do this! Opt for white fur to accent your white wedding dress!

You can use white fur as an accent on your wedding dress or even your wedding dress wrap.

Winter Wedding Glamour Tip #2: Add Some Sparkle
I love twinkle white lights at Christmas. They are the perfect way to add some shine to any occasion. The same is true for the bride. You can add a ton fo glamour to your wedding ensemble by adding real or faux diamonds and jewels.

Something about winter makes a few extra sparkling diamonds in your necklace more approval. Plus they will add some shine and sparkle to your skin and make you glow on your wedding day.

Don't get too tacky by going overboard, but if you planned on wearing a necklace as your main piece of jewelry, then opt for larger stones.

Winter Wedding Glamour Tip #3: Add a Coat
Adding a coat ot your wedging dress is very romantic. You want this coat to be as formal as your wedding dress and also match in color.

Your winter coat should also be well fitted. This is the time to get in good with a Tailor. If you are wearing a full shirt, then wear a small fitted jacket that stops at your waist. If you have opted for a slip wedding dress or straight wedding dress., then wear a long white full coat.

Wearing a coat will allow you to reveal your wedding dress at the reception and give you two looks!

Winter Wedding Glamour Tip #4: Wear a Muff
Ok, there is something so romantic an glamorous about muffs. I always envision a horse drawn sleigh, falling snow, and a romantic couple keeping each other warm! This muff can be fur or velvet, but keep it coordinating without dress of course!

Winter Wedding Glamour Tip #5: Fire

Winter Wedding
Winter Wedding
Winter Wedding
Winter Wedding5 Ways to Glam Up Your Winter Wedding

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