Tea Length Wedding Dress

Tea Length Wedding Dress
Tea Length Wedding Dress
Choose a Tea Length Wedding Dress that captures the informal elegance of your wedding If you're planning your wedding and searching for the perfect dress, consider a tea length wedding dress. While this may not be the traditional silhouette, more and more brides are choosing to wear whatever strikes their fancy. This less formal dress may be just what you have been looking for.

What is a tea length wedding dress? Tea length dresses fall between the knee and ankle, usually about mid-calf. The dress often has a full skirt, which can be made even fuller by wearing a slip and a fitted bodice. For a modern take on the tea length dress, consider a stunning yet simple strapless dress in silk or satin. You can also look for the more traditional cap or three-quarter length sleeves.

A tea length wedding dress is a wonderful choice for a less formal wedding. While a formal evening ceremony and reception would warrant a floor-length gown complete with flowing train, you might desire a wedding that is a little more unique or out-of-the-ordinary. If you are planning to have a garden wedding, or a mid-morning ceremony followed by a brunch reception, a tea length wedding dress would be perfect.

While any bride who loves the look of tea length dresses should feel free to wear one on her special day, brides who are blessed with a tall stature look especially stunning in this length. The nipped in waist of a tea length gown also accentuates a tiny waist, so if you have an hour glass figure a tea length wedding dress will be quite flattering.

The tea length wedding dress is a throwback to the 1950s and early 1960s, when this length was very popular. Choosing a dress in white taffeta including a full, tulle slip that peaks out the bottom makes the dress look even more vintage. An elegant strand of pearls, a sleek pillbox hat with an attached veil, and a small white nosegay bouquet completes the look quite nicely.
When shopping for a wedding dress, you can look in bridal salons, catalogs, vintage shops, or search the Internet for new or previously worn dresses. Consider purchasing a tea length bridesmaid's dress to wear as your wedding gown. Because tea length is a very popular length for bridal attendants, you will probably have a large selection from which to choose. Many of the dresses can be purchased in white, but you can also choose another color. Buying a bridesmaid's dress will most likely be less expensive than buying a traditional wedding gown.
A tea length wedding dress may be the perfect dress to transform you into a blushing and beautiful bride. Whether your look is vintage or modern, your gown can be preserved and passed on for another generation to enjoy.

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Tea Length Wedding Dress
Tea Length Wedding Dress

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