Ghetto prom dress - top ten fashion 2008



It's that time of year again where everybody is happy to attend the prom and celebrate finishing high school. Finding a perfect prom dress is an event for many girls who want to look beautiful on prom night. So can someone tell us why all these girls and boys who attended various proms around the country look like Pimps and Ho's heading to the Player's Ball? These parents should be ashamed of themselves for letting their children leave the house looking like this. Remember high school student Marche Taylor who wore a skimpy outfit to her prom and was arrested? She was mad because her school had a dress code. Why don't they have any dress codes at these schools? We figured there must be a checklist that these students are using to determine what they should wear. We decided to share our TOP 10 GHETTO PROM FASHION CHECKLIST.

1. Do make sure that you wear as little clothing as possible. Skin is good.


When choosing an outfit pick something with belts or buckles that will most likely be spotted in a adult dominatrix sex shop window.


2. Flash your assets, tattoos and body piercings strategically placed on the chest, thighs, stomach etc. The skanky and slutty outfits are always the best. Your goal is to look like a hooker on the street corner.

3. Don't wear a bra or underwear but if you do decide to wear some then stick to a bright colored thong so that everyone can see what you're wearing or it's not as much fun.


4. Losing your virginity on prom night, chastity bracelets and virginity pacts are overrated. If you show up to prom already pregnant then you can just relax and have a good time. Just make sure to expose your pregnant belly through your prom dress so everyone knows you're easy.

5. Weight is not an issue when determining your prom outfit. You don't have to be a perfect size 2. Just throw on your wig, a pair of high heels then work those stretch marks and cellulite.


5. Your date is the perfect accessory. If you're having your dress made use the same material to make your boyfriend's outfit. It's ideal if he looks like he dyed his hair with Kool Aid.


6. Don't think you have to wait for your daughter to grow up to become a skank in training. Start dressing her up in risque outfits for her own Pre-K Ghetto prom.


7. Your hair is important so if you're going to get a weave then try something different. If you decide to go with the helicopter weave then don't forget to bring the batteries.


8. Use as much hair dye as you possibly can.


9. Have your date look like he should be carrying a pimp stick. A white guy wearing a pimp suit and carrying a pimp stick instantly increases your "street cred" and is always a "good look."


10. If your Ghetto Prom date does carry a pimp stick then it's even better because then you'll both look like an official Pimp and Ho couple

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