Sexy Wedding Gowns for the Goddess Bride

Sexy Wedding GownsSexy Wedding Gowns for the Goddess Bride
If you got it, flaunt it. And girl, you’ve got it. You know you do. So what kind of sexy wedding gowns are fit for a Goddess? Use the following tips to showcase your outer diva.

The secret to finding the perfect sexy wedding dress? Pay attention to these three categories: fabric, cut, and style.

Divinely Sexy Fabrics

It’s touchable. Soft. Both to you, and anyone who touches you. It clings to your curves. A wedding gown made of a thin silk is especially sexy. Why? When it warms to your body temperature, you’ll feel as if you’re standing in nothing but your skin.

Silk’s less expensive cousin. But just as sexy. Add its slippery smooth texture and soft shine to your wedding gown for a divinely inspired glow.

If fabric had a personality, lace would be a tease. It plays peek-a- boo with the eye. This “now you see some skin, now you don’t” fabric can cloak your body in mystery. Or hover on the edge of full disclosure. It’s your choice. For added sexiness, look for lace that has some elastic built
into it. The Wedding gown will mold itself to your body.

Super Sexy Cuts
As in, low cut. Or slit up the side. Or in front. There’s something very sexy about a front slit in a long narrow gown. Even if it only shows a little knee. You know that a little cleavage goes a long way on the sexy style-o-meter.

Keep this in mind, though: You’ll be doing a lot of leaning over and shaking of hands. Practice this move when you try on that sexy gown. Make sure you’re comfortable with how much your wedding dress is showing.

There are ways around this little problem.

Buy a wedding gown with a bustier-style bodice. This is a fabulous look for everyone. But it’s a god-send for the well endowed. A good bustier will support.

It will uplift and keep the girls where they belong. So you know that cleavage is sexy in a wedding gown. But so are bare shoulders. And a low-cut back.

A backless wedding dress can sometimes be more sexy than cleavage. It’s showing a part of your body that is usually covered up.

Nervous about showing your bare arms? Pick a wedding dress with sheer sleeves. You get all the sexiness of skin, in soft focus.

The same goes for showing your back. A little sheer gauze will showcase a firm back and gloss over less than perfect skin.

Goddess Style
Anything that hugs the body. Think slim sheathe, mermaid style, or a narrow A-line.

A sheathe will show off a trim figure.

A word of warning: Mermaid style - the kind of wedding gown that clings everywhere and flares out around the knees - only works for Goddesses whose shoulders and hips are proportional.

A-Lines look good on everyone. If you are pear shaped, a narrow A-line will shave ten pounds off your figure. And if that isn’t a heavenly miracle, what is?

This is your day. Own your personal divinity. With these tips in hand, you’ll find a wedding gown worthy of your sexiness.

Sexy Wedding Gowns

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Sexy Wedding GownsSexy Wedding Gowns for the Goddess Bride

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