Wedding Shoes Styles

Wedding Shoes Styles
Main categories of the style of shoes including Slingbacks, Pumps, Platforms, new-wave Sandals and FlipFlops.

Classic Pumps are a traditional style of closed toe and sides shoe style which simply slip onto the foot.

Slingbacks are pumps or sandals that the heel of the foot is exposed, yet secured to the shoe with a strap that goes around the heel. The strap varies in widths and can be elasticized or buckled for greater comfort.

Sandals have exploded onto the wedding scene with a multitude of styles. A sandal is defined as a shoe that has an open toe with a strap across the toes.

Platforms, as indicated by the name, have an up-raised, thickened sole on the entire shoe which is literally a platform. This style works well for the bride who finds it difficult to walk in very high heels, or stilettos, but still wants the added elevation with an ease of walking in her step.

Flip Flops
FlipFlops are newcomers to the bridal scene and are perfect for more casual, care-free weddings. With merely a single strap over the toes and a band between the big and second toe, this non-traditional bridal shoe style has its merits for the contemporary young bride or a tropical beach scene wedding.


Wedding Shoes
Wedding ShoesWedding Shoe

Wedding Shoes
Wedding Shoes


Wedding Shoes
Wedding Shoes Styles

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