Tip For Sexy Bridal Lingerie For Your Greatest Day

Sexy Bridal Lingerie
Tip For Sexy Bridal Lingerie For Your Greatest Day
It's your special day. You've probably thought about it for years. You've picked out your dream dress, but now are faced with the question of what to wear under it. HerRoom is here to help. Our bridal lingerie has been carefully selected to help you find the perfect bridal undergarments for you, the bride, mother of the bride, bridesmaids and more. We even have gone the extra mile to give you a broad choice from plus size bridal lingerie to sheer bridal lingerie. If you are looking for elegant bridal lingerie, we have that too.

Bridal Lingerie Basics:
Let our beautiful bridal lingerie complement your wedding dress! The first bridal lingerie tip is to know that selecting ivory wedding lingerie is preferable to white under your white wedding dress. Many times, a white wedding dress isn't actually white, but more on a warmer, creamier white side. Ivory tends to blend better with both your skin tone and the color or your dress. Your bra needs to not only accommodate the neckline of your dress, but provide good support and lift, then be comfortable during hours of dining, dancing, and posing with relatives. Bridal corsets or longline bras are a great choice - especially with strapless dresses, because this bridal lingerie piece makes certain that you stand and sit up straight, gives great back support, and insures that the bodice of your dress will not become wrinkled throughout the evening. A bridal corset or bustier also gives an even tone under a more sheer dress all the way down to your waist. With all those cameras flashing, you don't want to discover lingerie lines when reviewing your wedding photos after the big day. And a longline bra with garters and stockings is the ultimate sexy bridal lingerie ensemble.

Many bridal boutiques offer decorative lacy bras and bustiers that can be as expensive as your gown. While some of these elegant brassieres have unique proportions that can be quite useful with the right gown, make comfort your top priority and think about whether or not you will ever use this garment again. If, like your gown, it will be a one-time wear, you will be better off finding something that may be less lacy but does the same job for a lot less. You'll find great price ranges in our bridal lingerie department.

Wedding lingerie panties should be given careful consideration. Select a pair of panties that will be comfortable. A sexy thong is great, but let's face it, no one is going to see it, there's jut no way to adjust a pair of creeping panties under a wedding gown. And, if you're planning on having your garter removed, you don't need a too zealous groom lifting up your skirt too high and revealing your uncovered back side. However, if your wedding gown is sheer or particularly tight fitting, you may want to consider abandoning traditional bridal lingerie for panty hose with knit-in panties for a completely smooth look.

Bridal Lingerie Tip:
Here's a great tip - take all your wedding lingerie along with stockings, shapewear and shoes to your bridal fittings. Don't think you can get a proper fitting by just "sucking in". Your bridal undergarments will give a slightly different shape. You want to look your best, so make sure your alterations are perfect and work with your bridal lingerie.

Bridal Shower Gifts & Lingerie:
Needing a gift idea for a lingerie bridal shower? One of the most popular bridal shower themes seems to be the lingerie shower. It's either a lot of fun, or incredibly awkward depending on your opinions about bridal lingerie. Here are some tips to ensure your bridal shower lingerie gift is not inappropriate. First, you hostess should have provided you with lingerie sizing for the bride. This is especially important when looking for plus size bridal lingerie. If not, it is perfectly acceptable to call your hostess and inquire. While on the phone with your shower hostess, go ahead and ask her if the bride has mentioned anything specific she might like. Second, the great thing about a bridal lingerie shower is that lingerie comes in a wider array of prices - you can really decide on any price point and your gift will be lovely. Third, the color of your gift will set your tone. Say, you want to buy a thong, if it's white, it seems pretty and bridal. If it's black, it will feel sexy and a little naughty. So, you can be a little risque in your choice, but by selecting white, it won't seem out-of-place or inappropriate. And besides, while bridal lingerie is a long-standing tradition.

Bridal Lingerie Shower Gift Ideas:
* A pair of marabou slippers - Who doesn't feel sexy and flirty in a pair of these. We have two heel heights. Be sure and get your bride's show size.
* A garter - We have fun and beautiful garters. Buy one, and then have it beautifully gift wrapped.
* A babydoll set - Always a fun idea. You can also select an additional matching panty if your babydoll comes with a thong. We have some great selections from Betsey Johnson Intimates.
* Stretch lace chemise - A garment like this will follow all the curves, yet have enough lace for some modesty.
* Hanky Panky thongs - These thongs are so comfortable and lacy. They come in white and many, many other colors. After the honeymoon the bride will still be wearing them.
* Rumba boyshorts - Honeydew makes these great lace ruffle rumba boy shorts that are just fun, feminine and sexy. They make for a fun gift, cause a laugh, and work under short skirts.
* Silk lace boyshort - Mary Green makes a beautiful white silk knit boyshort with "Just Married" embroidered in white along the back. Elegant and sexy bridal lingerie at its best.
* Silk nightgown or chemise - Mary Green and Hush Hush make beautiful silk gowns with beautiful lace. This is elegant bridal lingerie that can later be worn as a full slip.
* Men's underwear - here's a fun twist to give the bride. Buy some great men's underwear. Men love to see their girl in his stuff. At HisRoom, we offer photos of girls in men's underwear. Simply search on "girl friendly" and see men's underwear modeled on girls.Sexy Bridal Lingerie

When collecting your bridal lingerie, don't forget the wedding night. When the wedding dress comes off, your wedding night lingerie should tempt the groom and help turn your special night into the romantic fantasy you've always dreamed of. Here is where elegant, sheer and classy sexy wedding lingerie is meant to be worn. And it should be white only because it's tradition - but no one said it can't be sheer and sexy. Oscar de la Renta makes beautiful nightgowns. Rhonda Sheer specializes in plus size bridal lingerie as well with beautiful sleepwear that includes built-in breast support. So give some thought to your wedding night lingerie, but keep in mind that if done right, it will come off faster than your wedding dress.

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Sexy Bridal Lingerie
Tip For Sexy Bridal Lingerie For Your Greatest Day

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