Tips on Finding a Cheap but Beautiful Prom Dress

Cheap but Beautiful Prom Dress
Tips on Finding a Cheap but Beautiful Prom Dress
Prom night is a special event that every girl should experience. It is the night that girls anticipate the most. On prom night, girls get to look their most feminine in their gowns,evening dresses, make-up, and accessories. It is during prom that the tomboyish girls get to blossom into beautiful princesses and ladies.

But prom night is not just some ordinary night-out with the girls or with friends. It's not just some Saturday dance party that you crash every once in a while. Prom night is a special event that you have to prepare for. Your first mission: yourprom gown. Without it, you'll be a Cinderella who is unfit to attend the prince's ball.

Finding aprom dressthat fits you is the most enjoyable shopping experience that you can have. (More so if you are shopping with friends who will also be attending the prom.) However, it isn't as easy as impulse shopping. You have to be thorough when fitting, trying out a variety of sizes and colors, and matching your dress with the appropriate accessories and shoes. Finding a prom dress that is perfect in your eyes and that fits you can be particularly difficult especially when your working on a tight budget. Nowadays, cheapprom dresses do not come by easily. One thing you can do to avoid working on a tight budget is to save money ahead of time so that you can have the freedom to splurge on a fantastic dress. Anyway, it's worth it. But if you are encountering some financial difficulty and are worried about not being able to find a gorgeous dress to wear on your prom night, here are some tips that you can bear in mind:

1. First know your body size and shape.
Before even thinking about purchasing a dress, you should at least have an idea what your body shape and size is. Knowledge of your figure can be helpful especially if you decide on having your gown made instead of buying one. Also, knowledge of your figure can also help you in choosing the right style that will enhance your figure and hide possible problem areas. You could also save a lot of time and possibly some money (too much alterations and adjustments may be costly).

2. Check magazines and websites for designs and their prices.
A good way to find the perfect dress for you is to look through dress and gown catalogs in magazines and the internet. You can hit two birds with one stone by doing so. You get to look at a variety of styles, colors, texture, lengths, etcetera that you might fancy and at the same time get a general range of how much prom dresses cost in the market. This could also help you determine just how much money you have to save before prom.

3. Contact friends and family who could still have their prom gowns hidden in their closets.
When working on a tight budget, you can ask some friends or family members who have gone to their prom in the past if they still own their gowns. Mostprom dresses aren't re-used after the event and are kept for sentimental purposes by most ladies. Borrowing or purchasing a second-hand prom dress from people you know is a practical move since you most probably won't be using your prom dress again after the affair. When you find an old prom dress, make sure to fit it and have it altered if necessary. If it isn't exactly what you envisioned wearing or you find it too plain but still okay to work with, don't be afraid to add on some details of your own. Even better, ask your mom or other family members or a seamstress friend who can do beadwork, lacework, or repair.

4. Visit local thrift shops and consignment stores.
Another way to work around a budget is to visit local thrift shops and consignment stores. Unlike boutiques and designer stores, there usually isn't too much variety in your local thrift shops and consignment stores but with a keen eye and an excellent taste for fashion, you might dig out a treasure. What's more is that if you do find what you are looking for, the price is marked down but you can always haggle over the price still.

5. Rent a dress
You know you won't be using it again. So why not just rent a gown?
There are lots of clothing shops and costume shops where you can rent gowns from. These rental shops often have more variety to offer than your local thrift shops and consignment stores. Check and compare rates with other shops before renting to get the most out of your money.

6. Browse through eBay.
The internet is full of retailers and merchants who sell their products online to reduce expenditures and to reach a wider market. You can obtainprom dresses,evening gowns, wedding gowns, and bridesmaid dresses on retail price. However, you should allot a lot of time to cover for shipping and possible alterations if ever you decide on purchasing your dress online, Also, be aware of additional prices that you might be charged with such as shipping fees to avoid any financial dispute.

7. Save up ahead of time.
Face it. Prom night is always an extravagant affair. Today, it might be next to impossible to spend little on prom night. Prom gowns, as mentioned earlier, alone are usually very pricey and for a good reason. Prom gowns are made from very fine material such as satin, organza, silk, tulle, and more. If you really really want a dress that's both gorgeous and unique, the only sure way to secure the perfect prom dress is to save money ahead of time. Even if you change your mind in the future as to what design you prefer best, saving money will save you from the difficulty and frustration of choosing just the second best dress.

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Cheap but Beautiful Prom Dress 1


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Tips on Finding a Cheap but Beautiful Prom Dress

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