Design My Own Prom Dress for teens

Design My Own Prom Dress  for teens - pink prom dresses
Design My Own Prom Dress for teens
You’re thinking about the prom dress you will wear. You either hate all the designs you have seen, or you are sure you can probably do better yourself. You’ve said to yourself, “I want to design my own prom dress.” In any event, there is work ahead to make your idea into a reality. So now you have the idea in your head, but what do you do to get from idea to finished dress? You will need to gather information to make a workable idea.

What are the fabrics and colors that are “in” this year? What fabrics do you feel comfortable with? Do I want a simple dress, or a more complicated look? Do I have the skills to make the design work? Do I really want to try building this or do I want someone else to make it for me? How much work am I willing to put into this?

Design My Own Prom Dress  for teens - purple prom dresses

Some Basic Tips on Getting Ideas

How do I get ideas to design my own prom dress? This is probably your next question. There’s a pretty simple answer really. Check the fashion industry. Everyone from the celebrities down to the local bridal and fabric shops will have what is in style this year. You need to know what is in style to start. Here are a few places to look.

Find all the current fashion magazines you can. Watch what the celebrities are wearing to the awards shows and previews. They always have the latest fashion trends going. Head off to the local bridal shops. They have books and display gowns to give you tons of ideas.

Check the fabric store. Their pattern books will give you more ideas and show you how simple some of them are to put together.

Getting Into the Design

Now that you have the ideas and know what you want. Next question; what do I need to design my own prom dress? Again, the steps here are simple but required to make the design a success. You need to make sure that nothing is missed. Get a view of the front, back, and sides of the design set up. You will need an all around view to get a complete look.

Make sure you have accurate measurements. This is not the time to guess or fantasize.

Remember that the shoes and other accessories will need to be matched to the dress.

Remember that this look will be public, and remembered. Get input from others if you are not completely sure of the design

With internet access being almost everywhere, ideas are not that far away. The option to design your own prom dress online is easily available. There are websites that handle this option exclusively and will take the burden of completing the dress for you. While this option will be more expensive than creating your own, it will still allow a savings and you can be proud to say “I can design my own prom dress”.
Design My Own Prom Dress  for teens - orange prom dresses
Design My Own Prom Dress for teens

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