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Designer prom dresses - silver prom dresses
Designer prom dresses
When it’s prom night, it’s time to look amazing. Prom night is something that we all eagerly anticipate, and we all want that dress that will outshine all the rest. However, the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming. There are so many styles to choose from, it can be easy to be overwhelmed. No need to fret, you’ve come to just the right place to help you select the correct prom dress.

Designer prom dresses - blue prom dresses

Classic Prom Dress Styles

Trends come and go, but there are some styles that are always fashionable. The high waistline of an Empire dress is perfect for hiding that tummy, or wide waist. It also can give shorter girls the illusion of being a little bit taller.

Sheath dresses are great for tall, thin girls. This design conforms to the body’s outline. Many sheath dresses are sleeveless. An A-line prom dress is perfect for hiding wide hips or big thighs. A-Line dresses flare out from the waist, giving the illusion of a nice hourglass figure. The width of the bottom of the dress also covers the width of the waist and thighs. Some people call the A-Line a princess cut.

Designer prom dresses - cheap prom dresses

If you have long legs and a nice hourglass figure, a high-low gown may be just the prom dress you are looking for. These are long and flowing in the back and a little shorter in the front. Tea-length dresses fall just below the knees. They may have sleeves or be sleeveless. The bodice of the dress is fitted. Tea-Length prom dresses are perfect for tall, thin girls that want to look just a little flirty.

The bouffant gown has a puffy sheer silk or rayon skirt. This gown is perfect for the girl that needs to hide thick legs. It’s also called a tulle skirt. The ball gown is a classic. It features a full, floor length skirt that begins at the waist.

Designer prom dresses - purple prom dresses

Let’s not forget our plus size girls. There is no shortage of prom dress styles made just for you. Empire waistlines and A-Line dresses are perfect for big hips and big waists. Some colors that will work well with this body type are bold gemstone colors like turquoise, fuchsia, and emerald. Other birthstone colors will work great as well.

Pleats complement a plus size design very nicely. Flat pleats with an empire waist will have you looking fantastic! Pleats also give visual interest to any prom dress, plus size or not. No prom dress would be complete without some sort of embellishment. Sequins, bows, textures, patterns, beads, and rhinestones all add that wow factor that distinguishes fantastic formal prom dresses from an ordinary dress. All of these embellishments can be used to draw the eye away from a problem area and toward a more appealing body feature.

Designer prom dresses - blue prom dresses

Another style that’s great for plus sizes is the pick up prom dress. These have patterns of gathered fabric pinned together. Many other styles also help draw the eye away from problem areas and to areas of interest.

No matter what your needs, there are plenty of great prom dress styles to choose from online. Whether you are petite or plus size, or have a large or small budget, you will be able to look great at the prom in your designer prom dress.

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Designer prom dresses

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