Ghetto prom pictures

Ghetto prom pictures

My mom emailed these to me earlier today. Apparently, jigs in the ghetto have been wearing some rather outlandish-looking outfits to the prom. Some of them I had to resize so that they'd fit in my center column. In those cases, you'll want to click to enlarge. Actually, you probably won't want to.


Leroy, Otis and Juan pause for pictures on the red carpet, which, you'll notice, isn't actually made of carpet. Parts of Leroy's outfit are, though.


Sharonda is looking rather hookerish in a purple, low cut number that shows off her boobs quite nicely.


I'm pretty sure both of the kids in this picture are retarded. You can kinda see it in their faces. In fact, and it's hard to tell not being able to see his arm, that kid on the left might be a member of the Ying Yang Twinz.


You wonder if the fellow in this picture's head is cut off because the photographer was high on crack or if that was done intentionally to hide his identity


It takes a while to notice this, but not only do the patterns of each of the kids' outfits match, but the pattern on the big, gully looking one's headband and the pattern on his two weed carriers' Nike swooshtikas also match.


Mexican people, like people from most foreign countries, just aren't used to the gulliness of an American diet. That's why their women are blowing up to such epic proportions.


Nice and slutty looking, not unlike the outfit Lil Kim wore to the MTV Video Music Awards that one time. The chick on the right is almost conservative-looking though, at least by hood standards.


Ah, the classic throwback suit and dress. Nothing really says class quite like it.


This is probably my favorite, just because there's a nerdy-looking cracka-ass cracka dressed up as a pimp in it.


Notice how the two chicks on either ends completely dwarf the chick in the center, even though she's probably like really, really big herself.


Another white pimp at the hood prom.


The fellow on the right is obviously teh ghey. Like, Leroy (or whatever his name was) from "Fame" teh ghey.


Mercedes was the star attraction of the entire prom with her helicopter shaped weave.


Seriously, what school district really allowed somebody this fat to show up dressed up like this to the prom?


Finally, this is the most bizarre and, in some ways, the most sad of all of these pictures. Aaliyah showed up to the prom in an outfit specially designed to show off her soon to be born unwanted, illegitimate future convict of a baby.

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