Ghetto prom dresses - reasons to help inspire your shopping trip.
Ghetto Prom Dresses

Ghetto prom dresses are becoming more and more popular among high schoolers. Going to prom and looking like you don’t give a care is trendy, hip, and yet still original.

The Allure of Ghetto Prom Dresses

There are a variety of reasons why a teen would choose to pick out a ghetto dress in lieu of the traditional princess-like frills often seen at prom. Below are just a few of the reasons, as well as some pictures to help inspire your shopping trip.


Some teenagers cannot stand the whole concept of prom, and yet simultaneously feel an inherent pressure to attend. For this reason, they often go for the “shock factor” by purchasing ghetto prom dresses and suits that are considered totally out of the box for their school’s demographic. Perhaps they attend an exclusive prep school and are looking to make waves, or maybe they are searching for a method of rebellion against the cookie cutter prom queen persona. Either way, ghetto prom dresses usually do the trick when a teen is looking to attend a formal without completely conforming.


In particular areas of the U.S., especially in low-income regions, ghetto prom dresses are not necessarily “ghetto” at all. Inner city kids relish in the opportunity to get creative within their own budgets, adding random pieces of clothing or even making their own dresses in matching fabrics to attend prom in together. Ghetto prom dresses aren’t “ghetto” everywhere, and for some high school students, a ghetto prom is a fabulous one!

Gallery of Ghetto Prom Dresses

Looking to get a little ghetto this year? Check out some of these photos to get your creativity flowing.

Ghetto prom dresses

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