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Ghetto prom dresses

Ghetto prom dresses to get you arrested by The Fashion Police

Over the past few years, The Fashion Police have become increasingly concerned by the number of ghetto prom dresses we've been having to arrest. It used to be the case that prom was a time to look your best, but no more - now the ghetto prom dress is becoming more and more popular, and we're darned if we know why.

So, what is a ghetto prom dress?

Well, we could tell you, but it'd be much easier to show you, so here, for your viewing pleasure, we present an example of the "perfect" (and we use that word in its loosest possible sense) ghetto prom dress:


Now, we should stress that this is far from the worst example of the ghetto prom dress that we could've come up with but it does illustrate the genre pretty well. You'll notice two main things that jump out at you here: her boobs. Yes, breasts are the main feature of this dress, and of most others in the ghetto prom dress closet. If this girl COULD go topless, she would. Instead, she's made do with draping two thin, and possibly transparent, pieces of fabric across her mammaries, and you just don't get much classier than that. Oh no, wait:

Now THAT'S classy.

Want to see some more ghetto prom dresses? Well, we can't say we understand why, but your wish is our command...


Bling AND boobs: a winning combination!


Pretty (ghetto) in pink


Is that the hint of a nipple we see? Of course it is! It's a ghetto prom dress, after all!


Boob tassels: every ghetto prom girl's ideal accessory.


Ghetto prom dresses

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