Tips for A Great Wedding Video

Wedding VideoTips for A Great Wedding Video
What factors should a bride and groom consider when choosing a videographer?

How the couple "clicks" with the videographer, the perceived quality of the work, price and value, experience, and professionalism are all important factors when choosing a videographer.
On the first item, realize that you will be spending lots of time on what is often a rather stressful day with this person. While a personable videographer will help the couple relax and enjoy their day, the exact opposite is also true.
The nicest videographer in the world, however, will not compensate for poor work. Shooting and editing videotape is an art form. Find someone with the right combination of excellent skills and excellent tools.

Price and value will always mean different things to couples on different budgets. The tired cliche, "you get what you pay for" is as true here as with any other service. If a couple finds out how much time is really involved in producing a great video, they will realize why prices will often exceed $1500 to $2000. Certainly, none of us will advocate going over-budget like they do in Hollywood, but a video that will hold up to the scrutiny of friends, family, and time will not come cheaply.

A videography studio that has done work in your facility, or one like it, is an invaluable help. That the videographer is on his 100th, or 500th wedding, is an asset to you. That videographer knows what to expect at the wedding, what questions to ask, and of whom, knows how to interact with the various people he/she will come into contact with during the day.

What are some questions a couple should ask when choosing a videographer?

We give out a sheet entitled "Comparison shopping questions" to our couples. This is a great place to start as you shop.
* Who will my videographer be? Will he/she be the owner, a partner, a full-time employee, a free-lance person, or other?
* Who will be editing the videotape?
*To what professional organizations does your studio belong?
*How do the crew members advance their professional educations?
*Is the sample tape I'm viewing the same format (usually standard VHS) and same generation (usually 3rd) that I will receive? Was the sample tape recorded and edited on the same equipment that will be used for my event?
*Is your main camera a 3-CCD (3 "chip") professional model, or something else? What about camera 2, or your back-up camera?
*How many wireless microphones will you use during the ceremony? Where will they be placed?
All the sources of sound should be clean and clear.
* What happens if an equipment problem occurs during my wedding?
*What guarantees do you provide?
*What input do we have throughout the shooting and editing process?
* How will you light the ceremony? How will you light the reception?
*Where will the videographer(s) be during the ceremony and reception?
*How will the crew be dressed?
What are some indications that a videographer might not be that professional?
You should think twice before hiring a videographer who
*Does not allow you to visit their studio
* Offers no references
* Avoids answering direct questions
*Speaks ill of other videographers, other industry professionals, or other couples
* Shows you a tape that he/she didn't produce, but claims to be able to make one "just like that"

How can a couple evaluate the quality of a wedding video they are viewing as a sample? What are some indicators that the video is very good--and indicators that the video is not that good at all?

Here is what I see as the best way to judge: ask yourself "Is this what I want my tape to look and sound like?" If your answer is "no", go on to your next appointment. If the answer is "yes", then it's time to move forward. Start with the questions that I list in number 2 above. Seeing a tape from your facility, under similar conditions, will be a great visual clue as to how your tape will turn out.
A major ingredient in the evaluation process is how the details show up in the tape. Do the flesh tones look right? Can you see eye colors? Can the brides gown be seen in fine detail? Same for the mothers' dresses.

Wedding Video

Wedding Video
Wedding Video
Wedding VideoTips for A Great Wedding Video

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