Wedding Dress Mrs Unique

Wedding DressWedding Dress Mrs Unique
Q: I want to keep my hunt for the right dress down to a manageable amount of time in my busy work schedule. Any tips?, i definitely want to wear more material than this bride !!

A: Start by looking through the gowns featured in bridal magazines. If you find one you like, the magazine may contain information about where to find it in your area. Or you can tear the pictures out and take them with you when you're shopping, to help the salon consultant zero in on your preferences. If you arrive for your appointments well prepared, you will save a lot of time.

Q: What's the proper procedure for paying and how do I get the best price possible?

A: When you've made your final selection, the salon places an order for the gown in your size. (Occasionally, the salon will be able to sell the sample itself, at a discounted price.) Most bridal salons will ask for a deposit (usually 50 percent of the final cost of the gown). You'll return to the salon for custom alterations after the dress has been delivered by the manufacturer or completed by the salon's designer. The balance of payment is usually due at this time.

It is a reflection of the times that many brides arrive at the final price of the wedding gown through a series of negotiations with the bridal salon consultant. Wanting to get the best price for a purchase is normal. However, do consider that the price of a wedding gown must cover not only the materials and labor involved, but also the amount of time and work invested by the salon. If the price of a gown is negotiated down, you may be losing the service and special attention that was covered by the original price. Note, too, that when a salon offers to include all alterations in the price of the gown, you may be settling for the least amount and lowest quality of work. The old maxim "You get what you pay for" is never truer than when buying a bridal gown.

Q: Why are bridal gowns so expensive?

A: Wedding gowns are priced according to the kind of fabric, which is often silk of superior quality; the amount of fabric, which can be at least ten times the amount used for an evening gown, for instance; the type and quantity of detailing, which can also be much more extensive than on an evening gown; and the labor involved in creating the dress. All this adds up. The price of a bridal gown also reflects time spent by your bridal salon consultant assisting you and supervising alterations.

Sometimes bridal gowns are sold at significant discounts, but these sales can be problematic for the bride: gowns sold at cash-and-carry prices (often at clearance sales, typically held in large hotels) may not be returnable and often will not be fitted or steamed to be ready to wear. Service may also be questionable or nonexistent, and the buyer may have difficulty receiving compensation if she has a complaint after her purchase has been finalized.

Q: I'm confused about the alteration process. Why does the price of the gown keep going up?

A: Alterations to the gown are usually done for an additional charge, and are completed by an experienced seamstress or tailor. This work includes custom fitting of the gown, which salon owners stress is every bit as important as choosing the correct style. Usually two fittings are scheduled: one when the dress arrives from the manufacturer, the other about three weeks prior to the wedding. Optional custom work - such as extra beading, neckline adjustment, or the addition of a bustle - is usually completed at this time at an additional cost.

Q: I walked into a salon wanting to do some research for my own creation I plan to have made for me. I was given quite a cold shoulder. Why did I deserve such bad service?

A: If you are planning to hire a dressmaker or sew your own gown, a bridal salon is the wrong place to begin your research. It is unlikely that you will be able to copy a gown you see. It is also unfair to the salon owners who have invested a lot of money in their dresses in order to give their legitimate customers a great selection. Not only that, you are taking up their valuable time when you have no intention to purchase from them, and may take time away from a bride who has booked an appointment. If you are having your dress made for you, any experienced custom-designer or dressmaker will be able to work with your ideas and give you dozens more. If you're sewing your own gown, the best approach is to look up fabric stores in your area; many will have a bridal consultant who will know exactly how to help you pick a style, give advice and valuable sewing tips when you run into difficulties, and even special-order fabric and lace.

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress
Wedding DressWedding Dress Mrs Unique

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