How to Select a Maternity Wedding Dress

Maternity Wedding DressHow to Select a Maternity Wedding Dress
Find a bridal shop in your area which offers maternity gowns and make an appointment to try several on. If you have a specific gown in mind, call ahead to ensure that they have a sample gown in your size to try on.

Draw attention away from your belly when selecting a maternity gown, especially if you don't feel confident flaunting it. If you are more concerned about your growing stomach, look for dresses which hang loosely from just below the bust.

Look for dresses which highlight your figure by selecting sheaths and more fitted gowns made from stretch silks or material cut on the bias. This fabric will cling to your natural curves and allow your confidence to shine through.

Select a dress with interesting embroidery or trim at the bust to help visually balance your figure. These embellishments will help draw the eye up the body and distract from any figure flaws you wish to minimize.

Try on wedding dresses with padding to simulate the stage of pregnancy you will be at for the wedding. Most maternity and bridal stores featuring maternity gowns will have these pads available in the dressing room.

Avoid dresses with a lot of boning or lacing. Trying to cinch your growing waistline into a boned dress may cause harm to you and your unborn child.

Keep in mind the frequency of your trips to the bathroom when pregnant when you select a dress. Ideally, you should be as unencumbered by difficult closures or petticoats as possible.

Bring along a pair of comfortable dress shoes similar to the pair you will wear on your big day when you try on your maternity wedding dress. The height of your heel will affect the way your dress hangs, so it is important to bring them along when you are shopping and when the dress you choose is being fitted.

Maternity Wedding Dress
Maternity Wedding Dress

Maternity Wedding Dress
Maternity Wedding Dress
Maternity Wedding Dress
Maternity Wedding Gown

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